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I Saw Mark Rothko Down at the Pond

I dont normally do this type of work in photoshop but
I like the way it turned out and it reminded me of a favorite artist.


Nadine One



If you live in North America

Please mark your calendar;

The slide show version of my book

Famous People Famous Places

(an unedited first preview)

Will be premiered (with music)

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

In Eastworks. Beer, Wine and Food

Will be served.

More details will be forthcoming.

Dada & Surrealist movies will also be shown.

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One last one from this day
(unless, of course, I post the one of Robert DeNiro).

I love the way Joe Strummer looks in this one.
He looks like such a good guy. And he was.
When we chatted at the bar he was kind and unpretentious,
asking me questions about my job and photography.
Check out the double exposure on his shirt :)

There are a few more of them standing at the corner by Colony Records,
drinking beer and laughing, but it is time to continue our journey and visit
some more porn theatres and other sites of Times Square.

Thanks for coming along with me. Next one will be me from this time.